Eye Exam Costs

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Eye Exam Costs
Costs of eye examinations vary from province to province. Some optometrists charge higher fees for performing more extensive exams (ie, patients over fifty in some provinces pay for additional testing,) and others charge a flat fee.
If you're due for an eye exam and would like to visit a professional licensed optometrist, but don't want to break the bank, consider having your eyes tested at a retail eyewear store. Larger retail stores such as Hakim Optical in major cities offer optometry services, usually on certain days or certain times of day. These optometrists usually charge less than independent eye doctors, and often offer a "money off” coupon that can offset the cost of the exam if you buy a new pair or pairs of eyeglasses at the store.
This is just one example of the savings you'll experience by choosing to do your eye exam and prescription eyeglasses purchase at a well-known retail eyewear store. Here are some of the other ways that you will save:
Saving Time
First, you'll save the time you would have spent researching local optometrists. Chains such as Hakim Optical have been in the business of prescription eyewear for decades and are trusted brands, so you can be sure that the optometrists they engage are professional, licensed, and reputable.
Next, you'll save time by only having to make one stop. If you need to upgrade your current prescription eyewear, or if you or a family member is found to need a first pair of specs, you'll already be in the best place to purchase new frames and lenses! While most independent optometrists keep a small number of frames on display, larger chains stock thousands of styles, including the latest high-end fashion frames. Of course, contact lenses are also available. And if you happen to need specialty eyewear such as safety glasses or sunglasses, you can pick those up at the same time.
Many stores have an incredible "One Hour” policy that allows you to pick up your new glasses shortly after your eye exam.
Saving Money
Reports show that large retail stores like Hakim Optical can save you up to 50% on prescription eyewear. Because they buy frames in larger quantities, they can pass savings along to the customer. Many times they'll offer special promotional deals, such as "Two pairs for the price of one” deals. They may have a "We'll beat our competitors' advertised price” policy that you can take advantage of.
Other ways in which large stores can help you save money:
  • One-year guarantee on frames. Replaces a pair of broken frames. This policy can be very important if you have children who play sports! (Most children's eyeglasses are very reasonably priced at these outlets, by the way.)
  • Deals on specialty lenses. While some independents have to send any lenses, other than the most common types, away to be ground, larger retail outlets often offer coupons for discounts on progressive, bifocal, or trifocal lenses.
  • Free items. Larger retail stores sometimes offer free sunglasses or other items with the purchase of prescription eyewear.
Save Your Eyes
Getting regular and timely eye examinations for you and your family can be crucial. Call your local eyewear store today!